MONACAIR now offsets 100% of carbon emissions on its airport transfer service between Nice Airport and Monaco.

As part of a global industry, aviation accounts for approximately two percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Being a pioneer helicopter airline joining the worldwide network of commercial aviation, MONACAIR wishes to lead by example by implementing a series of sustainable commitments to reduce or offset its impact on the environment.

A modern fleet of helicopters with minimal impact on the environment

As a first step, MONACAIR decided in 2016 to invest in 6 modern Airbus H130 helicopters, specifically chosen for their reduced noise pollution, increased passenger capacity, and limited Carbon Emissions. Allocated on MONACAIR‘s scheduled airport transfer service, already optimizing the aircraft occupancy, these helicopters are well suited to limit the carbon emissions per passenger.

Carbon offset measures

At the dawn of 2020, acknowledging its growing role as a cornerstone between Monaco and international travel, our company decided to further its commitment by incorporating sustainable actions to the group’s strategy. Being more than a single step but rather a new component of our DNA, MONACAIR now teams up with the Swiss company Carbon-Connect AG so as to ensure expertise and neutrality on this new journey.

Carbon-connect AG is a provider of voluntary carbon (CO2) offset measures and offers additional services including the computation of carbon footprints (Corporate Carbon Footprint, Product Carbon Footprint, etc.), eco-audits and social sponsoring.

As a first new milestone for January 2020, MONACAIR now offsets 100% of carbon emissions on its airport transfer service between Nice Airport and Monaco and has decided not to charge additional fees related to this contribution to its customers.

Climate protection projects

Collected funds will be used to support quality certificated global climate protection projects that will not only reduce greenhouse gases but also help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by creating jobs, fighting poverty as well as knowledge transfers.

Together, MONACAIR and Carbon-Connect AG are particularly invested in helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil. Known for its amazing biodiversity and home to more than 10% of all species, the project area comprises over 130, 000 Ha of rainforest and is expected to avoid over 20 million tons of carbon dioxide. Trees and forests play a special and important role in climate protection. Trees purify the air we breathe, regulate precipitation and the water cycle, cool the earth and are cheap and relatively easily reproducible carbon storage (CO2 storage). For further information please visit Carbon-Connect AG website.

About Monacair

Created by Stefano Casiraghi in 1988, MONACAIR is a Monegasque helicopter airline specialized in express airport transfers, private flights, and helicopter tours.

Every 15 minutes, the company operates affordable transfers between Nice airport and Monaco in 7 minutes only. Through agreements with major airlines and door-to-door bespoke service, this transfer includes a chauffeur in Monaco as well as exclusive fast-track benefits at Nice airport to shorten your connecting time. Trusted by H.S.H. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and enjoying a large and diverse fleet of more than 30 helicopters, MONACAIR is a reference for private flights to or from all destinations in a 500 km radius around Monaco.