With over 30 years of expertise, MONACAIR offers extensive and tailored helicopter management services.
Our team consists of pilots, operational coordinators, mechanical support, and a management team.
From turnkey solutions to complete bespoke services, our aircraft management program is specifically designed to offer guidance whenever you require assistance.

Yacht landing

We have developed expertise on yacht landing and approval from several authorities for a large panel of helicopter model with regular training.


The company ensures maintenance through its two Part 145 approved centers and provides solutions adapted to airworthiness monitoring. Our Part 145 are officially recognized and certified by Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo and Bell Textron Inc. and provides programs like PBH, SBH, Pratt Whitney


The company offers short and long terms solutions with the highest VIP and safety services including but not limited to Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Le Castellet, Annecy and around Geneva.


The company is Part M certified by Monaco, Europe and has developed strong knowledge and know-how with other famous authorities (Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, San Marino, British Virgin Islands, United States, United Kingdom, Malta, Switzerland and others countries).


The company is able to propose European and Non-European (including Monaco) registration and certifications under Air Operator’s Certificate with VAT deductibility or as Private flights.


We provide you a very large panel of qualified and experienced crew worldwide. The company will be responsible for :

  • Any social risk.
  • The management of the team on the day to day,
  • The training of team with the highest level of qualification including testing and simulators.

Preparation of last minute missions, flight tracking, countries and landing authorizations. Monacair will take care everything, whether it is for use in the mountains, at sea, on yacht or for any other use.


The company will provide insurance solution for any type or model along with very low franchise and very competitive premium.

Ensure revenues

The company is able to use your aircraft for private flights missions when you do not need it. In exchange for renting your machine, you will receive a remuneration corresponding to the number of hours completed in flight every month. Your budget will be under control.

Purchase of your helicopter

With our vast knowledge of different aircraft and our numerous partners, we can offer you machines selected for their qualities, with features and performance suited to your needs, or we can simply provide you with valuable advice on purchasing your helicopter.

Sale of your helicopter

If you wish to sell your aircraft, either because you don’t need it anymore or because you wish to buy a new, technologically superior one, you can entrust us with selling your helicopter. With our vast network and expertise in this procedure, we are perfectly capable of finding you a buyer.

Helipads in your properties

We have internal experts who will secure for you the creation and approval of helipads in your properties or your yacht.

Training and Pilotage

We propose a large panel of training including Private pilot, Commercial pilot, Mountain or Yacht training, Type qualification (EC120, AS 350, H125, H130, AS355, EC155, Bell 429, R22, R44).

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A well-designed and well-maintained exterior makes a solid first impression. Our services include complete painting or of specific parts after repairs as well as component painting.

Helicopter Accreditations
  • AS350 (B, BA, B1, B2, B3, B3+, B3E)
  • H120 (B)
  • H130 (B4/T2)
  • AS355 (N/NP/F)
  • H135 (T1/P2+/T2/T2+/T3H)
  • H145 (C2/D3)
  • AS365 (N/N1/N2/N3/N3+)
  • H155 (B/B1)
  • H175
  • AW109 (E/S/SP)
  • AW139
  • R22
  • R44
  • BELL 206
  • BELL 212
  • BELL 429
  • BELL 505
  • CABRI G2