With the end of COVID-19 lockdown, everything is slowly starting again. Yet our habits will be impacted by various new measures for some time, including the way we move and travel.

In this new context, Helicopter transport emerges as a viable solution to answer travel needs and respect public safety measures.

In addition to the inherent benefits of helicopter transport, Monacair has implemented various measures to ensure the safety of its personnel and passengers, making helicopter transport the most viable, safe and efficient way to travel.

Avoid crowds and queues

All passengers can enjoy fast-track benefits at Nice Airport to avoid queues and crowds.

Non-airport landing zones also help with social distancing as they are isolated and not overcrowded.

Protective masks for the entire staff

All pilots, chauffeurs and ground staff is now equipped with protective masks.

Hydroalcoholic gel is also available for all personnel and passengers at any Monacair desk.

All aircrafts are disinfected before flight

In addition to usual daily safety and hygiene measures, all Monacair aircrafts are now disinfected before each flight.

Twin-engine aircrafts with isolated pilot cockpits are also available to further reduce social interactions.

Additional flexibility

While helicopter transport between Nice Airport and Monaco is still available, it has been made private to ensure public health safety measures.

Monacair also offers private road transfers for €120 between the airport and the principality as an alternative for additional flexibility.