About San Gimignano

Founded by the Giachi family in 1720, Tenuta Torciano exemplifies the world’s sumptuous Italian wines, Italian heritage, and Italian style. Perched in the Tuscan Chianti hills in San Gimignano, the establishment organizes unique activities where you’ll create memorable experiences! Savor the finest wines of the region in private discreet places and beautiful cellars, participate in truffle hunting adventures alongside amazing hunting dogs and end the day by learning authentic Tuscan cuisine with the in-house chefs.

MONACAIR offers a fully immersive experience to see the beauty of Tuscany and have a wine experience at the finest wine cellar restaurant Torciano Winery and provides exclusive services allowing you to travel in absolute comfort and a stress-free environment. Our well-maintained modern helicopters can carry up to six passengers and fly you to the final destination in less than 2 hours.

Why choose Monacair?

Vineyard Landing

Monacair enjoy an exclusive landing area in Tenuta Torciano which will save you up to 2 hours!

Modern Aircrafts

Being official supplier of H.S.H Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Monacair maintains a state-of-the-art modern fleet of helicopters for maximum comfort, safety and convenience.

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  • Panoramic view over the Italian Riviera
  • Exclusive landing/take off zone
  • Up to 6 passengers / aircraft