About Domaine de Murtoli

You cannot visit Corsica without spending at least a weekend in the Domaine de Murtoli. Beloved by a handful of renowned figures, this spectacular hotel is set on 6,100 acres of protected wilderness. You’ll find a sense of peacefulness and calmness you’ve never felt before and at night, you’ll hear the calming sounds of nature that will resonate all across the domain.

There, you will not find rooms but private villas to enjoy a much more intimate experience. Once farmhouses and watchtowers were converted into beautiful stays with their own pool and luxurious linen bed sheets. Nearby the villas, you’ll find a gorgeous Grotto turned into a restaurant. A unique setting where Corsican specialities are cooked and served in candlelit rooms carved from stone. Truly a one-of-kind experience.

MONACAIR provides exclusive services allowing you to travel in absolute comfort and a stress-free environment. Our well-maintained modern helicopters can carry up to six passengers and flies you to the Domaine de Murtoli in just an hour.

Why choose Monacair?

Hotel Landing

Monacair enjoys an exclusive landing are in Murtoli, which will save you hours of travelling.

Modern Aircrafts

Being official supplier of H.S.H Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Monacair maintains a state-of-the-art modern fleet of helicopters for maximum comfort, safety and convenience.

Our fleet
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  • Panoramic view over Corsica
  • Exclusive landing/take off area
  • Up to 6 passengers / aircraft