Monacair offers the ultimate private helicopter flying experience for business or leisure travelers in all Southern France, Italy, Switzerland or the Alps. Choose your destination and we’ll take care of the rest.


Discover our recommended destinations

Connect by helicopter to destinations inaccessible by traditional commercial flights and save precious time to make the most of your stay. Book your helicopter flight from or to an airport, a hotel or any location of your choosing for convenient and fast travel.

Travel For Business

Helicopter flights allow you to attend the events that matter, fitting into your busy schedule. Ideal for attending events such as conferences or client meetings, helicopter flights are the perfect solution for business people. With our Nice – Monaco airport transfer in just 7 minutes, you will minimise your travel time on your business trip.

Travel For Pleasure

Fancy a round of golf in the Var, an escapade in Corsica, a wine tasting in Tuscany, a skiing trip in Courchevel…? Take up to 6 people in one of our many helicopters and travel in comfort to over 600 destinations. We also offer helicopter tours from the Monaco heliport, lasting from 10 to 30 minutes, to help you discover the charms of the French Riviera in an exceptional way.